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New Curriculum Version in Development

June 15, 2009 - Expect not only new and improved maps for animal tracking on the web site, but a new version of the Signals of Spring Curriculum in late 2009. "Teachers now have more options for animal tracking, and classroom activities demonstrating increased student performance are being integrated into the newest version of lessons," reports Project Director Glen Schuster. "The focus is on the ease of use for diverse classroom settings to allow for learning goals to be accomplished in several ways."

Contact:, (914) 921-5920

June 15, 2009—New Curriculum Version in Development

March 20, 2009—2009 is an Exciting Time at U.S. Satellite for Signals of Spring!

June 29, 2007—Bald Eagle Removed From Endangered Species List

June 04, 2007—2007 POETRY CONTEST WINNERS Announced!

April 17, 2007—Donner, Tundra, and Cocoa approach their summer grounds

March 19, 2007—Birds on the Move!

January 23, 2007—NOAA funds Signals of Spring Expansion

January 15, 2007—A New Season Awaits - 2007

May 26, 2006—2006 POETRY CONTEST Winners!

April 03, 2006—Tracking Over 100 Animals

March 11, 2006—Google Maps are Up!

March 02, 2006—More animals appearing, staged for movement

January 27, 2006—New Mapping Tool Begins Next Week

December 16, 2005—Gearing up for Signals 2006!

June 13, 2005—6th Annual Writing Contest Winners Announced!

May 31, 2005—LIVE, Student Online Symposium a Success!

April 25, 2005—LIVE Webcasts a Success for Teachers and Students!

February 25, 2005—Wintering Habitats

February 07, 2005—Spring 2005 Launched

November 19, 2004—ARGOS Scientists, Welcome!

October 29, 2004—November Online Training

June 12, 2004—1st Training for 2004-2005 Season

May 25, 2004—2004 Winners Announced

May 13, 2004—Analysis Journal Examples!

April 20, 2004—NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe Visits Explorer School

March 30, 2004—New Species NOW Online, from Hawaii to Maine!

March 11, 2004—Crane Cam with National Geographic

March 08, 2004—Animals are Moving

February 09, 2004—First "Short-course" soars !

February 04, 2004—Animal Data this Week!

January 12, 2004—Gearing up for Spring '04

January 12, 2004—NASA - NSTA Online Webcast Training Launches Today

September 25, 2003—Spring 2004 Training

July 14, 2003—NASA Explorer Schools Feature Signals!

June 05, 2003—Bald Eagle Essay Contest Winners

"What Bald Eagles and Astronauts Have in Common"

May 07, 2003—The Movement of Casper!

April 22, 2003—LIVE Eagle Cam!

April 14, 2003—New Sea Turtles

March 04, 2003—Birds Beginning Migration

February 23, 2003—NEW Golden Eagles Tracked!

February 10, 2003—Birds and Marine Animals 2003!

May 09, 2002—NASA ERC Training at Kennedy Space Center

April 22, 2002—National Geographic Marine Animal Project in DC

April 03, 2002—Brooklyn High School Student Takes 1st Place in NYC!

April 02, 2002—NASA 1ST Prize Awarded to Newark Students

March 22, 2002—2002 Essay Contest Announced!

March 03, 2002—Birds are Flying--Well not Everyone!

February 12, 2002—Signals Wins Jersey City Contract

February 07, 2002—Signals/National Geographic announce DC Partnership

January 28, 2002—Teachers! Graduate Credit Available for Signals Training

January 18, 2002—Houston ISD Training Complete

January 15, 2002—Signals of Spring Gearing Up for 2002 with GIS!

June 18, 2001—Newark, NJ students win NSIP Award

June 07, 2001—Bald Eagle Poetry Contest Winners

May 30, 2001—Newark Star Ledger says Students' Signals were a HIT!

May 30, 2001—Signals of Spring finishes its 2001 Season

May 30, 2001—Student advocacy: Share your results!

May 24, 2001—Bayside HS Students Use NASA Satellite Links And Web To Learn

May 16, 2001—Why do Sandhills Breed so far North?

May 16, 2001—Signals of Spring 2001 Season Coming to a Close

May 08, 2001—Snoopy and Athena Find Each Other

May 08, 2001—Will Tweety, the Red-tailed Hawk, forge northward?

April 28, 2001—Newark, NJ Students win NASA Award

April 19, 2001—Effects of Flooding on the Trumpeter Swan?

April 19, 2001—Osprey - The Mating Pair

January 01, 2001—Send Pictures and Artifacts!


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