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Bald Eagle Essay Contest Winners

"What Bald Eagles and Astronauts Have in Common"

June 05, 2003 - First Place Winner | Second Place |Third Place

B. Misiuk
Ann Street School, Newark, New Jersey

Since the beginning of mankind, man has strived to live in unlimited freedom like a bald eagle soaring with strong pinions and sweeping into the valleys below, or upward into the boundless spaces beyond. The history of this desire reaches the time from the beautiful “Legend of Daedalus and Icarus” where man tried to copy Nature. For many years, humans have observed eagles gliding high in the air and have dreamed about having this freedom of boundless space. Finally modern men, astronauts, have defied gravity and started to glide in the air like eagles. Beautiful bald eagles, masters of all birds, and astronauts have many things in common. Both can be called “kings of space” because of their abilities to defy the force of gravity. Like a bald eagle with powerful feathery wings and extremely keen eyesight, an astronaut on a powerful space shuttle equipped with sophisticated apparatus and instruments, soars above the earth admiring its beauty as well as the beauty of space from the aerial view. The soaring above the earth is for all of us a symbol of unlimited freedom, one of the most important things in a human’s life and also the life of eagles. The majestic flight of an eagle gliding in the sky and an astronaut speeding across the solar system is a thrill like no other. Bald eagles and astronauts are very vulnerable to die. Habitats for bald eagles are very limited and polluted which causes their death. Flying in the space is still very dangerous and there is a risk of unexpected accidents and deaths of astronauts. Eagles and astronauts have the exceptional courage and determination and are willing to fight for their freedom and safety. Unstoppable and victorious, both always take challenges and never give up. Astronauts and bald eagles never change their characters and goals. An astronaut will remain an astronaut until he dies, and an eagle will defend its nest until death, too. Even tragic events like the recent catastrophe of Space Shuttle Columbia will never stop astronauts from their challenges and beliefs. They always stay above because they are like the bald eagles: soaring high in boundless space.

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