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Research Links

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Land Species Research Links

Land Species Research Link Categories:

Bald Eagle
Birds of Prey
Black Stork
Black-necked Crane
Caspian Tern
Golden Eagle
Gray Wolf
Greater Scaup
Lesser Scaup
Polar Bear
Red-crowned Crane
Red-Tailed Hawk
Sandhill Crane
Satellite Tracking Links
Scoters (Seaducks)
Sooty Shearwater
Steller's Eider
Trumpeter Swan
Tule Goose
Turkey Vulture

These are links to other websites to help students with their research. Click here if you are looking for the Maps and Data.

   Quick Map Search from National Geographic
Type in a location and get a huge list of maps you can zoom in on.

Bald Eagle

   Great Seal Symbols - Bald Eagle
Learn more about how the Bald Eagle came to be a Great Seal Symbol.
   Nature - Bald Eagle Fact Sheet
Plenty of research answers on our National Bird.
   Bald Eagle Kids Page
This student-friendly page has plenty more links for all of your research questions. Links to photos too!
   American Eagle Foundation
Eagle information including how you can help to preserve bald eagles.
   Bald Eagle Photos
Beautiful bald eagle pictures.
   Eagle Cam
See live pictures of Bald Eagles in Maine. Live images updated every 15 seconds!

Birds of Prey

   Birds of Prey
This collection of images displays birds of prey in the wild, a beautiful slideshow.

Black Stork

   New Odyssey Project
Tracking of the Black Stork has details about continued tracking.
   European Commission - Black Stork
Good research link demonstrates that the Black Stork is re-emerging in Europe!

Black-necked Crane

   International Crane Foundation - Black Necked Crane
Background on the species and details on the China collaboration are found here!
   Background on first-ever Satellite Tracking -- China
Read from a source in China about following the birds by satellite!
   Black Necked Crane Pictures and More
Black Necked Crane Pictures and More
   Black Necked Crane Background on First Satellite
Black Necked Crane Background on First Satellite


   Disney Nature - Earth DVD - Caribou Migration Video
Shows actual migration in progress from increasingly higher aerial shots. Gives extraordinary sense of how animal migration happens.
   Defenders of Wildlife - Woodland Caribou Fact Sheet
Basic facts about Woodland Caribou.
   Seasonal movement and migration
Cooperating partner web site provides information on the species, the movement, background and more!
   Canadian Eco Info -- Caribou
Site from Canada gives excellent background on the species and details herd size, migration and predation.
   Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -- Caribou
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge link describes behavior, population and more.
   Map of the Herd
Excellen map shows good geographical representation of the species' movement.
   Caribou Slide Show
Wonderful video on Caribou migration.

Caspian Tern

   Patuxent Caspian Tern Page
Plenty of Caspian Tern information for species experts.
   Cornell Lab - All About Birds -- Caspian Tern
Use this link to find distribution maps, sounds, and other useful information.
   Birdweb -- Caspian Tern
Learn about Caspian Tern breeding, identification, and more!
   Caspian Tern Basics
Beautiful photos of adults and chicks, as well as helpful info for species experts.


   See Your Neighborhood on a Map!
Enter the name of your town, zoom in on your neighborhood.
   Distance Between 2 Points
If you have two lat/long points, you can get the distance between them!
   Get a Topographic Map
Scroll down to "Latitude Longitude-Decimal Degrees" Simply enter the place name, or lat/long (ie. 41.221 73.490)
   ACME Mapper
Start by entering the Latitude Longitude point to see the location on maps or black and white Terra satellite imagery. Use "Scale" to ZOOM in
   GOOGLE Maps!
Look anywhere in the world! Look at your house, or animal habitats from the air! This simple to use interface is exceptional, flexible and free. Click on "Satellite" on the top right. Click ZOOM-IN with the tool on th etop left of the imagery. YOU CAN ENTER LATITUDE-LONGTITUDE coordinates to see a habitat (i.e 74.5N 93.4W). YOU CAN ENTER a town name...TRY IT!

Golden Eagle

   Golden Eagle Facts
Get general facts and maps about the Golden Eagle.
   Whatbird -- Golden Eagle
Great site for facts, maps, and pictures of Golden Eagles.
   The Raptor Center, University of Minnesota - Golden Eagle
Detailed information about the Golden Eagle.
   Golden Eagle Reintroduction (Ireland)
Find general information including habitat, vital statistics and breeding.
   Golden Eagle
This link will help you learn about golden eagle migration, nesting, and threats to them.
   Desert USA-- Golden Eagle
Pictures, descriptions and basic golden eagle information, and detailed photo of talons.
   Golden Eagle Fact Sheet
This link provides a good history of Golden Eagle populations in the Eastern United States.


   Patuxent Goshawk Page
Find useful goshawk information including distribution maps and life histories.
   Peregrine Fund -- Northern Goshawk
Simple and informative site tells all about the Northern Goshawk!
   Goshawks and Society
Nice background about the issues the Goshawk faces
   Cornell Lab - All About Birds - Goshawk
Identification, Life history, Range and Audio.

Gray Wolf

   Gray Wolf
Excellent site for general information on wolves.
   Defenders of Wildlife - Gray Wolf
Includes general information on identification, habitat, conservation, and more.
   Fish and Wildlife Service: Gray Wolf Recovery in North America
Question and Answer page about the recovery of gray wolves in the United States.
   US Fish and Wildlife Service -- Gray Wolf
Click on the links on the tool bar at the top of the page to get more information and maps.

Greater Scaup

   Cornell Lab - All About Birds-- Greater Scaup
Find Greater Scaup pictures, sounds, and distribution maps on this page.
   Patuxent Greater Scaup Page
Lots of background info about Greater Scaups including size, breeding, diet, etc.
   Bird Web -- Greater Scaup
Gives helpful information about the Greater Scaup including nesting, feeding and locations.

Lesser Scaup

   Minnesota Dept. of Nat. Resources - Lesser Scaup
This page, with its general Lesser Scaup information, is a good place to begin your research.
   Cornell Lab - All About Birds-- Lesser Scaup
Find pictures, sounds, and a distribution map!
   Long Point Waterfowl and Wetlands Research - Scaup migration
Signals of Spring Collaborating Partner site leads Canadian research with sea duck


   Alaska Division of Wildlife Conservation -- Moose
Information on moose hunting and general biology of cow moose.
   Alaska Alpine Treks -- Moose
Great pictures!
   Yellowstone National Park-- Moose
Good information and pictures of moose in Yellowstone.

Polar Bear

   Polar Bears International
Photo and video gallery, conservation, ask the expert, tools for teachers including a game, and an arctic map.
   Polar Bears -- San Diego Zoo
Fact sheet with photos, winter sleep and feeding habits discussed.
   Sea World - All About Polar Bears
Fact sheet and conservation status.
   Polar Bears -- NOAA expedition links
Short Cam video and inks to Arctic exploration with top of the world map and Arctic exploration scientist's log.
   Museum of Zoology -- Animal Diversity Web -- University of Michigan -- Polar Bears
Fact sheet including behavior and conservation status.

Red-crowned Crane

   International Crane Foundation - Red Crowned Crane
Detailed information, including identification, conservation status, calls, and photos.
   National Zoo: Fact sheet
Find general information and conservation status here.
   eBird - Red-crowned Crane
Good site for general information.

Red-Tailed Hawk

   Red -Tailed Hawk Curious Facts
Detailed Red-tail info, including some very interesting facts about these birds.
   Red-Tail Calls
Red-Tailed Hawk basics including food webs, human impacts, and hawk calls!
   Hawk Watch International
Plenty of Hawk info, including satellite tagging. To find this information, follow the link and then click on the Satellite Telemetry Program at the bottom left.
   Western North Carolina Nature Center -- Red Tailed Hawk
Red-tailed hawk information including species descriptions, life histories, behaviors and habitats.
   Red-tailed Hawk Species Information
Classification, geographic distribution, habits, and habitat information about the red-tailed hawk.
   Red-Tailed Hawk Basics
Basic information including diet and habitat.
   Cornell Lab - All About Birds -- Red Tailed Hawk
Photos and information about Red-Tails.

Sandhill Crane

   Sandhill Crane Photos
Includes photos of sandhill crane chicks along with links to basic crane facts.
   Wings Over the Platte River
A story of watching the crane migration, along with some beautiful pictures of a flock of cranes.
   Sandhill Crane General Information
Chipperwoods Observatory has general information about cranes, population information, and photos.
   Photos of Sandhill Cranes
Lots of different shots, perfect for your wall display!
   Sandhill Cranes and the Platte River
Some background information about studies conducted regarding cranes near the Platte River.
   Sandhill Crane Migration Update
North American Flyway information including Platte River photos, and links to Sandhill crane information.
   Operation Crane Watch
Photos, sounds, and information about Sandhill cranes, including satellite tagging and tracking.
   National Geographic - Sandhill Crane
Highlights of orgiional live visuals from just may see one of the birds we are tracking!

Satellite Tracking Links

   Satellite Telemetry
This site explains (and shows pictures of) how satellite telemetry and animal tracking works.
   Satellite Tracking of Animals
Site explains how scientists track a variety of animals.
   How Satellite Tagging Works
Sea mammal tags - improving understanding of our oceans, climate change, and sea mammal behavior

Scoters (Seaducks)

   Cornell Lab - All About Birds - Black Scoter
Great information about Black Scoter range, identification, sounds, habitat, threats, and more!
   Cornell Lab - All About Birds - Surf Scoter
Detailed information about habitat, range, breeding, food, and more!
Lots of links to Black Scoter information.
   USGS -- Atlantic Seaduck Project (all Scoters)
A very complete site about the scoter lifestyle as well as flyways and satellite telemetry.
   Surf Scoter Basics
Basic information on the Surf Scoter
   Natural History of the Surf Scoter
Good information on the surf scoter, including flyways.

Sooty Shearwater

   Sooty Identification Tips
Easy to read information, tells how to distinguish the sooty from other birds.

Steller's Eider

   Patuxent Steller's Eider Page
Find basic information, very helpful for species experts.
   Steller's Eider Fact Sheet
Lots of things to help with your research!
   Cornell Lab - All About Birds -- Steller's Eider
Helpful information about Eider basics, identification, and what you can do to help these birds.
   Recovery Plan
The species recovery plan is good for student research.


   USGS Patuxent Bird Identification Infocenter
Simple background information is provided he for many species
   Special Bird Migration Movie
Winged Migration is a spectacular film of birds migrating. The cinematography is exceptional. Good source to really visualize what migrations are all about.
   Google Image Search
Use this search engine to help you find pictures for your wall display!
   Global Topography and Bathymetry
View a topography or bathymetry map for anywhere in the world. From the pull-down menu, choose a center, and see land and/or oceanic relief.
   How Far Is It?
Use this calculator to find the distance between two points. Type in either city names or latitude and longitude points, and let the computer do the math.
   Make Maps with a Latitude/Longitude with MapBlast!
Go Register, and under 'Maps/Advanced Search’, Enter latitude/longitude I
Enter a place name, see a topographic map.
Click Maps, then Latitude/Longitude (in blue) to enter

Trumpeter Swan

   Web Cam
See Trumpeter Swan!
   Trumpeter Swan Society
Information about the decline of the species and morei s ofund here.
   Sounds and background!
Hear the trumpeter swan!

Tule Goose

   Cornell Lab - All about Birds - Greater White Fronted Goose (Tule Goose)
Great background including sounds,range, and habitat. Information of the Tule Goose subspesis.
   Birdweb -- Greater White Fronted Goose (Tule Goose)
Tule Goose range and simplified background good for research
   Types of Geese
Differences between geese from collaborating partner
   Patuxent White Fronted (Tule) Goose Page
Use this link to find distribution maps and other great research information.
   Whatbird -- Greater White Fronted Goose (Tule Goose)
This site has nice photographs and some basic Tule Goose information.

Turkey Vulture

   USGS: Turkey Vulture fact sheet
Good general information.
   Desert USA -- Turkey Vulture
Learn about the range, description, range, and behavior of the Turkey Vulture.
   WNC Nature Center
Good general information.
   The Turkey Vulture Society
Great pictures!
   Cornell Lab - All About Birds -- Turkey Vulture
Identification, Life history, Range map and audio.

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