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NASA 1ST Prize Awarded to Newark Students

April 02, 2002 - The First Place Award goes to Joseph Cullen and four eighth grade students for their entry entitled: 'Watching Earth Change through the Migratory Sandhill Cranes' Journey.' Students put together a team of scientists from USGS in North Dakota and Missouri and Rutgers University to acquire earth imagery, both aerial photography and Landsat Imagery.

Since Newark, NJ is highly urbanized, the students expressed concern over the Platte River Valley in Nebraska and the critical habitat loss for the Sandhill Crane (studied in Signals of Spring), an ancient species that migrates through the region annually. If the area became like that of Newark with urbanization, then the species would have no place to feed for the six weeks during its annual migration north to the breeding sites. Students analyzed the change over a portion of the Platte River Valley over 60 years

NASA will present the awards at a ceremony at the school later in the year.

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