Signals of Spring

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Why Signals of Spring?

Signals of Spring is an interactive and truly interdisciplinary science product like no other commercial curriculum. Student learners explain real-time animal migrations using Earth data to understand the science content behind the imagery, studying many topic areas.

  • Blend biology, ocean, Earth and environmental science content with geography and technology using inquiry skills

  • Meet state and national standards leading to higher test scores

  • Hands-on and inquiry-based lessons build content knowledge

  • Students learn to research and analyze authentic data

  • Curriculum includes activities, worksheets, online quizzes and standardized test preparation assessments

  • Curriculum is proven in diverse school settings

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National training from 2005-2008 with NASA Explore Schools led to exciting teacher quotes:

"I am competing against X-Box and Play Station and I am winning."

"This will help prepare students for the INTEL Competition."

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