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Signals of Spring Students Soar with Scientist!

On Friday May 2, Signals of Spring students from coast to coast attended a live webcast with Dr. David Hyrenbach, an ACES collaborating scientist.

Dr. Hyrenbach, a researcher at Hawaii Pacific University, shared a presentation entitled, "Wings Without Borders: Tracking North Pacific Albatross" and talked with students and teachers from New York, New Jersey, and California. During the webcast, Dr. Hyrenbach explained that tracking these majestic seabirds taught us a lot about them - and even surprised the scientists.

Click here to hear more about this interesting finding:

In addition to discussing his animal tracking work, Dr. Hyrenbach talked about some of the issues facing seabirds such as albatross, especially longline fishing and plastic pollution. He explained that one thing that regular citizens can do is to consider the source of our seafood. Dr. Hyrenbach explained, "We are trying to reward the good fisheries, and penalize/not by products from the bad, those that are more dangerous for albatross [and other animals]." He recommends the following website:

From the above site, you can download a 'wallet card' and make responsible seafood choices when at markets or restaurants.

Signals of Spring - ACES students and teachers asked Dr. Hyrenbach excellent questions about animal tracking, conservation, endangered species and more. If your class missed this great event, we hope to 'see' you on the next one!

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