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 In this Section:  In the Spotlight News

List of "In the Spotlight" Features

New and Improved Student Analysis Journals for Spring 2005

Newly designed Signals of Spring 2005 offers a new and improved online Analysis Journal interface for Spring 2005. As always, Student Experts write about their animal and explain the movement with respect to their area of expertise (Species, Geography, Vegetation, Weather, Bathymetry, Phytoplankton, or Sea Surface. However, this year we’ve added a couple exciting features!

One of the new features lets Student Experts open and close the Analysis Journal on demand while they perform research and review animal maps and data. This is a more efficient way to use the screen area because students can "hide" their journal while using the whole screen to view maps.

Another new feature is the addition of a Text Editor. This adds a Microsoft Word-like toolbar enabling students to format their online journal. Students can add color, bold text and add paragraph breaks!

Our scientist network and teachers look forward to the new Student Team Journals!

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