Signals of Spring
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Annual 2004 'Signals of Spring' Writing Contest

Poetry Contest 2004

Now is your chance to combine your creativity with your animal studies. Signals of Spring invites all students from 2004 classrooms to each enter a poem based on the theme of “Conservation of Species.” Choose one of this year’s bird or marine species. Write a poem about the importance of conservation and protection of that species.

There is no minimum length, but be sure that your poem describes the animal species and why it should be protected. Suggested topics include 1) habitat protection, 2) endangered species, 3)biodiversity, 4) migration, and 5) human impacts on wild species The FINAL due date for all entries is Friday, April 23, 2004. Please e-mail your entries to and be sure toinclude your first name, teacher’s name, and school. Good luck!

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