Signals of Spring
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Spotlight On: Stuart-Hobson Museum Middle School, Washington D.C.

photo of students Seventh graders at Stuart Hobson Museum Middle School have been teaching everyone about turtle migrations. This fall, as part of the National Geographic Society partnership in the Washington, D.C. Public Schools, Ms. Warrick’s 7th grade Resource students used satellite data and earth imagery to track Loggerhead Turtles Johanna and Mary Lee as they moved along the East Coast. Stuart–Hobson is a grade 5-8 middle school located on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Through Signals of Spring studies, Ms. Warrick’s students have developed the theme of their school’s partnership with the Smithsonian, “Leaving the world a better place.” As they learn about these endangered animals, they can then educate others about improving their survival.

photo of students Through their Signals of Spring studies, these students have educated other students, parents, teachers, and even NASA executives about sea turtles. Their extensive wall display, complete with turtle icons and colored yarn marking and connecting the latitude and longitude positions, hangs outside their classroom enticing anyone who walks by to come and see their work, students and teachers alike. They have supplemented their journals and wall displays with other lessons related to their bathymetry, Sea Surface Temperature, and Phytoplankton studies. Ms. Warrick’s students created Sea Surface Temperature maps, and built and profiled model ocean floors and in the process developed social studies, math, science, and language arts skills. Using mapping, word walls, graphing, and writing, these 7th graders integrated all of their major subject areas with Turtle Watch. In the "VMJ" media specialist, Elizabeth Teferra, was truly a tremendous resource, while providing atlases, art material, print-outs of data and support for Ms. Warrick.

photo of students All of their work has paid off, as these students have presented to NASA officials and impressed their audience with their knowledge. They are looking forward to continuing Signals of Spring through the spring. One of Ms. Warrick’s students says that Signals of Spring is “ . . . really fun. I am glad that my class did the program.” photo of students

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